NTD A400C S - a light cabin

NTD A400C S cabin lift

The ideal cabin lift with its own shaft

The ideal cabin lift for easy and comfortable accessibility in existing and new environments. The Cabin lift NTD A400C S is a perfect solution as well for public, commercial or private buildings. Everything you need fits into the existing shaft, making the NTD A400C S an exceptionally space-efficient solution. The cabin is elegant and spacious, fully equipped for comfort with sliding doors and auto-run controls.

Key features

  • Comfort with sliding doors and auto-run operation
  • Soft start and stop and electrical emergency lowering as standard
  • Integrated machine room
  • An integrated mirror on the lift car wall
  • Engine noise is insulated for a quiet ride
  • Quick installation time within 3-4 days
  • Swedish design and quality
  • Robust and reliable screwdriven operation
  • Energy efficient and low maintenance operation system
  • Push buttons with tactile symbols
  • Control panel with emergency lightning system
  • Rated load 400 kg, 5 people
  • Travel height 13 metres, 6 landings
  • 70 mm pit

Standard size

Cabin size (WxDxH): 1100x1400x2200 mm
Lift shaft size (WxD): 1460x1639 mm
Cut out size (WxD): 1500x1760 mm

Certified quality product

NTD A400C S is EC type tested and certified by the Liftinstituut and conforms to the relevant compulsory safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Download NTD A400C S brochure

NTD A400C S product sheet