NTD Platform lifts

NTD offers a wide range of screw-driven customised platform lifts

  • Our main platform lift product is NTD A400, which is available in 7 sizes and designed for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • NTD A1000 is a high-load capacity platform lift designed specifically for existing hospitals, libraries, apparel stores with space limitations.
  • NTD A300 engineered to fit in reduced spaces with an installation requirement of 1.2 squares meters* plus the possibility of a shaft completely glassed-in, including on the machine side.

NTD platform lifts comply with the European Machine Directive and the EN 81 41 standards**

* Door models can affect the unit´s cut out sizes.
**EN 81-41 applies for NTD A400, NTD A400H and NTD A300S models.